Best Reasoning Books for Competitive Exams – Bank, SSC, Railway

Best Reasoning Books for Competitive Exams

How to Select Best Reasoning Books for Competitive Exams?

Reasoning is one of the important section in competitive exams and it is necessary to refer good aptitude and reasoning books while preparing for the same as these exams are pretty uncertain and tricky to crack.

Many of us get really scared when we appear for the competitive exams like Bank PO, Clerk, Railway, UPSC, AFCAT, CDS, SSC-CGL etc. Many of us think that studying and cracking competitive exams is really difficult and time consuming as we often give much more importance to general knowledge and end up studying a lot of books which at the end we cannot master in such a short time.

According to us the most neglected and scoring subject in all the competitive exam is reasoning and aptitude. It consists of 40-50 questions and if mastered we can score up to 90% in the aptitude and reasoning section which makes a huge change and it can be achieved with referring to some of the best reasoning books for competitive exams.

Choosing a good logical reasoning books becomes really important while preparing for these exams as these question test your critical thinking and problem solving ability.

However, there is a myth that we need to refer a lot of books to pass these exams, while it is absolutely true for other subjects like GK, One good logical reasoning book is more than enough to get through with this section.

Here is the list of some of the best books for reasoning.

  1. Arihant reasoning bookArihant is most popular when it comes to students preparing for government exams. And this book has well explained text and covers long range of topics and comprehensive study.
  • You can buy it here.
  1. RS Aggarwal logical reasoning and Verbal and non verbal reasoning by RS AggarwalRS Aggarwal is a renowned mathematician and people have often preferred his books to prepare for mathematics and logical reasoning.
  • You can buy it here.

These books would give you all sorts of explanations and range of problems to solve and practice. These books are available on Amazon.

However, we are aware that students giving their exams in Hindi often face a dilemma of which book to refer as there are very less authors comparatively to that of English.

Thus, here is the list of best reasoning book in Hindi

  1. Arihant reasoning book in Hindi Arihant also publishes books in Hindi and students giving exam in Hindi can refer those.
  • You can buy it on Amazon or Flipkart
  1. RS Aggrwal quantitative aptitude book in hindi – RS Aggrwal agrwal also publishes books in hindi format for those students who prefer the Hindi language.
  • You can buy it on Amazon or Flipkart

Finally, there are various applications and free content on internet to study and have proven effective for them.

Choosing a best reasoning books is very important for reasoning as we cannot study a lot of books and memorize the techniques.

This section in every exam is to determine how would you deal with stressful situations with your critical thinking and reasoning abilities. It is necessary to understand and study this section with perfection so that we also possess those abilities while we study for it and it would be beneficial for us to use our critical thinking in our jobs.

At the end, we would suggest you to choose only one best book for reasoning which suits your understand the most and start working with it.

All the best!

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