MNC Jobs in India-How to apply for Job in Multi National Company(MNC)?

how to apply for job in mnc

How to apply for Job in Multi National Company(MNC)?

As a student you will have big aspirations. When you enter the job market you have stars in your eyes to enter a company which will employ you, recognize your work and help you climb up the ladder of success by providing good remuneration and promotions.

Multi National companies, with their offices in all parts of the world can help you achieve your ambitions – career wise while at the same time enriching your learning experiences.

How can you get a job in an MNC?

Do you think it is difficult to get a job in an MNC?  My answer is no.  It is rather easy if you follow a few tips and do the needful. Follow them and you can gain employment with big MNCs like Wipro, Infotech, Microsoft, IBM and others.

  1. Update your Resume

One of the first things you should do is update your CV.  Select a perfect model that reflects your talents and experience in good light.  The CV makes the first impression and this will be your first plus point.  Some tips to prepare resume

  • Highlight only what you know
  • List your job and academic achievements
  • Limit Resume to 2 pages. 5+pages resumes can irritate the examiner
  • Avoid capital, bold, italic letters and fancy fonts – Times Roman is a good font for CVs.
  1. Grooming yourself

MNCs interviewers will note your posture, talking style, your entry and various aspects of your persona to judge if you fit the job or not.  Grooming thus becomes so much important.

  1. Self Confidence and patienc

Self confidence can create great wonders.  Be confident; don’t lose hope if you lost one interview.  There are so many other vacancies that suit your job requirements and you can always apply for them.  Wait and believe and you will surely get positive results in the near future.

  1. Preparation

Prepare for written exam and interview using online aids or good books that are earmarked for that particular subject.  Prepare well in advance so that you are ready to attend interview any day.

  1. Communication skill

MNCs expect their employees to have good communication skills, especially in the English language.  Since it is a multinational company, employees need to constantly communicate with other employees and the only common language is English.  So if you have good command over the language you have high chances of getting the job

  1. The Process:

To know how to get job in an MNC, you need to know the recruitment processes of those companies and plan accordingly.

  • Eligibility

Most MNCs require that the job aspirants should have got 60% and above marks in their educational pursuits right since their 10th or SSC exams. Also candidates should have cleared their papers in their first attempt with no backlogs

  • Written test

Most companies mentioned above, test your English language skills and technical and aptitude knowledge.

  1. They can test you via multiple choice questions or descriptive questions.
  2. To attempt aptitude section take help of books like R.S.Agarwal can help you in preparation for such tests. You can also seek help online.
  3. Technical questions are asked from PHP, Mainframes, C, SAP-BO, SAP-BI, C++, SAP ABAP, Oracle – Apps, JAVA Oracle – DBA etc. Attempt all the questions to gain visibility with the examiner.  You get a good chance of entering an MNC if you do courses in the above languages.
  4. Though questions are usually repeated from previous year papers it takes time to complete the paper. Practice Time management to clear this section.
  • Technical Interview

This is one important part of the recruitment process that should be given due importance.

The first two rounds may be based on your academics.  The Interview round will depend on your personality plus tact in answering questions.

The image that you create at the interview becomes very important.  Keep these in mind when attending an interview:

  1. Dress formally – casual dress is a no-no
  2. Wear shoes and belt to complete the formal look
  3. Carry extra copies of your resume, certificates and mark list along with passport size photos in case the requirement of these documents arise.
  4. Eat and sleep well before the interview
  5. Present a Confident You in front of the interviewer
  6. Give crisp answers don’t beat round the bush
  7. The questions posed refer mostly to basic concepts so brush up these concepts before you attend the interview.
  8. Do not challenge the knowledge of an interviewer. Answer to the point and wait for the response of the interviewer instead of arguing with him.
  • HR interview

While technical interview check your knowledge of the subject, HR interviewers check if you fit into the company or not.  In addition to following the above points, maintain a smile throughout and you will excel in answering all the questions asked by the HR.

These are some very useful tips to get you a job in a big MNC that worked out for me.  Why don’t’ you try them out.  All the best!


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